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Buckeye Valley Fire Board News and Meetings
The Fire Board of the Buckeye Valley Fire District will meet in a regular session on May 26th, 2020 at 6:00 PM.
For details click on the calendar for May 26th on the right.

The Buckeye Valley Fire District recently mailed a tax notice to the Buckeye Valley community, which provides information regarding the General Obligation Bond tax rate for the 2019 tax year. The District Fire Administration has provided a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) outline to assist our residents with the mailing notice. Please tap on the following link for further information. Click Here For FAQ

Benefits of Fire District Annexation

Special Districts Provide Focused, Property Owner Driven Service

A fire district is a form of special district of the State, formed for the protection of persons and property (Arizona Revised Statutes – Title 48 – Special Taxing Districts). Special districts deliver only the public programs and public facilities that their constituents want. Cities provide multiple programs, some of them mandated by the federal and statement governments. Special districts provide focused service delivery throughout their boundaries providing a single service (i.e. emergency services) allowing them to concentrate and excel at that activity unlike municipalities which provide a variety of services throughout their boundaries. Special districts provide the public services that the public wants and localizes the costs and benefits of public services.

Some special district advantages:

· Special districts tailor services to meet local needs. Cities must provide many services regardless of citizen demand. Special districts, however, only provide the services that their property owners desire.

· Special districts link costs to benefits. General purpose local governments --- cities --- levy general taxes to pay for public services. The services that taxpayers receive are not directly related to the amount of taxes they pay. In a special district, only those who benefit from the district’s services pay for them. Those who do not benefit do not pay.

· Special districts respond to their constituents. Because most special districts are geographically smaller and have fewer residents than cities, they’re typically more responsive to their constituents. Small groups of citizens can be quite effective in influencing a special district's decisions.

Benefits of Fire District Annexation


Annexation into the Buckeye Valley Fire District is about protecting the safety of your family and home.

· Emergency services from fire stations located a short distance from your property

· Timely ambulance service - in a medical emergency every second counts.

Financial Savings & Value:

· Lower premiums for property insurance is likely

· Ability to sell your home or land - the housing market is already difficult enough. Why make it more difficult by trying to sell a house with no dedicated fire service, which means buyers may not be able to obtain a mortgage or homeowner's insurance?

· Ability to deduct Fire District taxes from your income taxes

Equity and Stability in Fire/EMS Provider:

· All District property owners pay for emergency services in an equitable manner - with subscription-based services, only those who pay are subsidizing the cost of everyone's fire coverage.

· Permanent fire coverage

· Ability to vote for Fire Board members (or run for a seat on the Board) and have a say in the decisions of the Fire District.

What is a Fire District?

Fire districts are special taxing districts and are independent of any city or county government. They provide service to multiple geographical areas which may include rural and/or unincorporated county areas and one or more municipalities.

The Buckeye Valley Fire District is an independent agency and NOT a city run fire department.

The Buckeye Valley Fire District was created in 1949 by a vote of the residents in the area. The homeowners wanted to have a voice in their fire and medical service delivery while at the same time insuring fiscal responsibility and accountability.

The present-day Fire District is a full service agency located in the far west valley and a member of the Phoenix Regional Automatic Aid System since 2010. Staffed with a combination of career sworn staff and part time civilian personnel, the Buckeye Valley Fire District responds to approximately 10,000 calls for service annually. Current areas served by the Buckeye Valley Fire District include the communities of Arco, Arlington, Beautiful Arizona, Camelback Garden Farms, Hopeville, Litchfield Farms, Liberty, Palo Verde, Savannah, Sunora, Sweetwater, Rainbow Valley, Valencia, and many other unincorporated portions of Western Maricopa County

The Buckeye Valley Fire District is a progressive fire and medical district that also staffs a Medical Services Division. The Medical Services Division of the Buckeye Valley Fire District is focused on providing world class emergency medical services at a paramedic level to every person who calls for help. This division works as a partner with our existing fire suppression/medical personnel and provides ambulance transportation to many of the local hospitals. In addition to providing emergency care, the Medical Services Division oversees the EMS transportation for the City of Buckeye, the Tonopah Fire District and the Harquahala Fire District as well as interfacility services for Abrazo Buckeye Medical Center. Our Fire District covers approximately 200 square miles and our ambulance Certificate of Necessity covers approximately 2,500 square miles.

The Fire District is governed by a five member non-partisan board elected at large by the registered voters of the District. Board members are elected to alternating four-year terms so there are at least two members elected every two years. The Board establishes policy and approves the annual budget. As a special district of the State, the Buckeye Valley Fire District must comply with all applicable Arizona Revised Statutes such as the Open Meeting Laws.

Why would the Buckeye Valley Fire District be willing to annex properties in the area?

To become Community Partners by providing the highest levels of service delivery to homeowners in the area.

Why should property owners consider annexing into the Buckeye Valley Fire District?

· The District offers a high-quality alternative to annexing into a neighboring municipality or contracting with a private company in order to obtain emergency services.

· District residents and property owners receive state-of- the-art fire/rescue protection and emergency medical services. District apparatus are staffed with Certified Emergency Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

· Through existing automatic-aid agreements with most Valley fire departments, District residents typically receive emergency services from the closest fire station to their emergency.

For questions or comments on annexation you can email us at
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