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Buckeye Valley FD Bond
The Buckeye Valley Fire District recently mailed a tax notice to the Buckeye Valley community, which provides information regarding the General Obligation Bond tax rate for the 2019 tax year. The District Fire Administration has provided a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) outline to assist our residents with the mailing notice. Please tap on the following link for further information. Click Here For FAQ


Buckeye Valley Fire District is dedicated to safely serving with integrity, professionalism, compassion and innovation



Safety: “the condition of being protected from or unlikely to cause danger, risk, or injury.”

· We passionately care about the SAFETY of those we serve and champion ourselves as SAFETY LEADERS. We are committed to preventing harm, so everyone returns home safely. We provide our family members with the TRAINING, KNOWLEDGE, and EQUIPMENT to operate safely.

Honor: “high respect; esteem”

· RESPECT the BVFD family. We are committed to UNITY and ACCOUNTABLE to those we serve. We are LOYAL and value the role of each family member in our organization. We RESPECT those that came before us and are DEDICATED to continuously improve the organization for those who follow.

Professionalism: “the competence or skill expected of a professional”

· As professionals, we strive to perform our duties to the highest standards. We are committed to excellence through SELF DISCIPLINE, PRIDE, TEAMWORK, TRAINING, EDUCATION, COMMUNICATION and SHARING.

Compassion: “sympathy and concern of others”

· We are considerate of our community and family members. We are TOLERANT, SUPPORTIVE, CARING, EMPATHETIC, PATIENT, and RESPECTFUL to those we serve. We embrace diversity of our members so that we are cognizant and culturally aware of the diverse communities we serve.

Integrity: “being honest and having strong principles”

· We exhibit the COURAGE, SELF DISCIPLINE and INITIATIVE to hold ourselves and each other ACCOUNTABLE for those we serve.

Innovation: “featuring new methods; advanced and original”

· We will champion and embrace innovation through the pursuit of excellence, problem solving, new technology, and education. We empower all family members to become LEADERS and FORWARD THINKERS.


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