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Buckeye Valley Fire Board News and Meetings

Pursuant to A.R.S. § 38-431-.02, the Governing Boards of the Arizona Fire & Medical Authority, the Buckeye Valley Fire District, the North County Fire & Medical District, and the South County Fire & Medical District hereby states that all notices of meetings and other required public postings will be posted at the following locations:

1. Arizona Fire & Medical Authority Administrative Offices 18818 N. Spanish Garden Drive, Sun City West, Arizona 85375

2. Arizona Fire & Medical Authority Fire Station 232, 25020 S. Alma School Road, Sun Lakes, Arizona 85248

3. Buckeye Valley Fire District Administrative Offices, 6213 South Miller Road, Buckeye, Arizona 85326

4. Arizona Fire & Medical Authority

The respective notice will be available to the public at such locations not less than 24 hours prior to a meeting, unless the meeting covers an emergency, as provided in A.R.S. § 38-431.02.

Such notices will indicate the date, time, and place of the meeting and will include an agenda or information concerning the manner in which the public may obtain an agenda for the meeting.

Executive sessions may be held by the Governing Board as provided in A.R.S. § 38-431.03. Notice of executive sessions will also be posted at the posting locations.

The Buckeye Valley Fire District Governing Board, will meet in a Regular Business Session April 18th, 2023 at 6:00 PM.

For agenda details click on the calendar for April 18th, 2023 on the right lower corner.

The Buckeye Valley Fire District mailed a tax notice to the Buckeye Valley community, which provides information regarding the General Obligation Bond tax rate for the 2019 tax year. The District Fire Administration has provided a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) outline to assist our residents with the mailing notice. Please tap on the following link for further information. Click Here For FAQ

Budget & Operational Plan

The Financial Services Division disseminates the Budget Development Schedule to all stakeholders in the budget process following direction from the Governing Board and Fire Chief regarding previously identified expectations and critical priorities. Budget submission deadlines are set and guidelines provided for managers to use in the preparation of base and supplemental budget requests. Division and program managers developed their budgets at the line-item level with input from the Finance Director and from employees within their respective sections. Upon submission, the proposed line-item budgets were reviewed by the Fire Chief, the Assistant Chiefs, the Finance Director, and the responsible employee(s). Necessary modifications were made, reviewed, and finalized in the line-item budgets before inclusion in the budget. Throughout this process, the Governing Board's were updated regularly on the budget’s progress and informed of any items that may have had a significant variance over the previous year’s budget. Additional direction was issued by the Governing Boards regarding these variances when necessary.

Upon completion, tentative Annual Budget and Operational Plan was presented in detail by staff to the Boards and the public during the public budget meeting that was held on April 25, 2023. During this meeting, responsible division and program managers presented their proposed line-item budgets. The board members and public attendees were encouraged to ask questions and discuss the tentative budget and its contribution to supporting the Member Districts and the Authority's service level goals. Upon completion of the thorough examination of the tentative budget, modifications were assimilated into the document for finalization.

The Arizona Revised Statute, A.R.S. § 48-805(A)2, requires that a public notice of the proposed tentative budget be posted in three public locations, and be placed on the Authority/District’s websites at least twenty days prior to the public hearing held at a meeting called by the Governing Board for adoption. The mandated 20-Day posting period began on Wednesday, April 26, 2023 and ended on Monday, May 15, 2023. Copies of the budgets are available below and at the Arizona Fire & Medical District /Authority Administrative Offices.

The Public Budget Hearings to adopt the final Fiscal Year 2023/24 Annual Budget and Operational Plan for the Buckeye Valley Fire District will be held on Tuesday, June 20, 2023 at 6:00 p.m.

Please clink on the link below for the tentative FY 2023/2024 Budget:

Click link below for previous Budgets and Audits:

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